Welcome to the World of Asia Borneo! Borneo artifact specializes in museum quality tribal natives arts, artifacts, antiques, collectibles, charms, traditional musical instruments, primitive hunting trophy / headhunters, ethnic weapons, world war II cannons during brooke era, crafts and souvenirs. 

Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo. Feel free and enjoy browsing our Gallery.

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New Products

ONE PAIR Chinese Teapot Gem Jade Feng Shui Dragon Tea Jar Kitchen Ware

YELLOW NYONYA SOUP BOWL Chinese Wedding Ware / Food Serving Jar Porcelain Peonies

NYONYA NONYA SOUP BOWL Chinese Wedding Ware / Food Serving Jar Porcelain Peonies

GINSENG SOUP COVERED BOWL Peonies & Phoenix Porcelain Box Nyonya Baba Kitchen

TWO TRIBAL (Height: 310mm) SHIELD Native Head hunter Tribe Dayak Borneo ARMOR ART

ONE PAIR Carved Wooden Shield Tribal Native Head hunter Tribe Borneo Dayak ARMOR
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Antiques (1005)
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Artworks (195)
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Borneo Books (88)
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Carriers (95)
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Corals and seashells (2)
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Door Panels & wall deco (59)
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Earweights & body piercing (153)
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Fossils (136)
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Gongs and Cannons (168)
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Hampatongs Statues (464)
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Masks (89)
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Medicine Containers (236)
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Musical instruments (38)
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Necklaces and Body Jewelry (42)
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Other local products (17)
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Ritual Textile (413)
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Shields and Armors (90)
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Totem poles (78)
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Weapons (1557)
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Weavings (154)
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Recently Sold Item

AUTHENTIC TEETH & OLD BEADS Baby Carrier / Sling / Backpack / Bag Child Artifact

#3 BILLIONWOOD DINING PLATE Interior Architecture Home & Garden Improvement Asia

200g ANTIQUE STERLING SILVER BELT Jewel Jewelry Waistband Tribal Body Adornment

COW HORN / ANTLER HAIRPIN Headdress Ornament Tribal Native Body Jewel Jewelry

MING DYNASTY GLAZED 590mm BROWN JAR Authentic Vase Urn Pot Pottery Tajau Ceramic

ANTIQUE PORCELAIN 190mm Ching Pai TEAPOT Kettle Pot Vase Pottery Teakettle Green

KUJANG KECIL UBAT 10cm Keris Kris Shaman Healing Object Arms Blade Weapon Dagger

A SPECIAL KERIS (VERSES on Aring/Ganja) Knife Weapon Sword Kris Dagger Blade


MEGA SIZE XXXL BRUNEI BRASS CONTAINER Antique Wealth Currency Covered Jar Pot
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