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Product > Hampatongs Statues > HP0162 WEATHERED ANCESTRAL STATUE (ONE Pair) Dayak Figure Sculpture Guardian Mythical


WEATHERED ANCESTRAL STATUE (ONE Pair) Dayak Figure Sculpture Guardian Mythical


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Posted: 20th Apr 10
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Product Description:

Borneoartifact Item Number: HP 0162 A pair of Male & Female weathered Dayak Kebayan Guardian Statue from Kalimantan, such guardians were placed at the frontal main door/hall to a Dayak Longhouse to repel off evil spirits.

Each of these amazing XXXL pieces were carved from a single Billion / Iron wood slab.

Kebayan statues are well noted for sculptures carved from sliced Billion wood trunks, statues are usually flat and not roundish like the Kebahans.

All original condition, no repair.

Lovely pair from Borneo!! Height: 99 & 100 cm / 39 & 39.4 inches Width: 22 & 23 cm / 8.7 & 9.1 inches Side width: 12 cm / 4.7 inches each Weight: 24.1 kg / 53 lb After packing, estimate: 35 kg / 77 lb I will ship via Courier Service(5-7 working days) worldwide, insured. Item is photoed from every possible angle for a buyers peace of mind.














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