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Product > Borneo Books > BB094 Important Signature~Charles V Brooke 1930 Sarawak King


Important Signature~Charles V Brooke 1930 Sarawak King


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Posted: 28th Oct 09
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Product Description:

Borneoartifact Item Number: BB094 Grant (Territory of Sarawak) Status: Rare document SPECIAL & RARE FEATURE: The Seal Of State Sarawak Signature: Brooke Rajah the 3rd (Charles Vyner Brooke) Registered 24th April 1930 Height x Width: 47 x 29 cm / 18.5 x 11.4 inches You are looking on a Grant document signed by the 3rd Rajah / King of Sarawak, Charles Vyner Brooke, descendant of Rajah James and Charles Brooke.

All information are clearly shown in this document, authentic signature, document and site of property(behind) or money back, it is sold as shown. There may be some discoloration and / or small tear and folded lines on the document, item sold as shown, no exception, thanks.

(view my pictures below for closeup details) I only sell it to serious collectors, since this are some of the very few documents left still in good condition sign by Rajah Charles Brooke. Shipping is FREE to UK and worldwide, I will ship by Registered Mail, 14 working days worldwide, insured. Brief history of Charles Brooke and his successor(Charles Vyner Brooke): 1829 June 3 - Charles Johnson (later Brooke), 2nd Rajah, born in Somersetshire (Payne) 1852 - Charles Brooke enters Sarawak Service (Runciman, Payne, Pybus) 1853 - Brunei cedes Batang Lupar, Skrang and Saribas river systems to Sarawak (Pybus) 1862 - Sarawak Regiment created (Runciman) 1863 - Charles Brooke and Abang Aing lead expedition against Kayan Dyaks (Pybus, Rawlins) Charles Brooke appointed Tuan Muda (Pybus) 1864 - Charles Brooke builds fort at Simanggang (Pybus) Britain recognises independence of Sarawak (Rawlins) 1865 - In England Charles named Brookes heir General Council (Council Negri) established (Runciman) 1866 - Charles Brookes Ten Years in Sarawak published (Runciman, Pybus) 1868 August 3 - Supreme Court proclaims Charles Brooke as Rajah (Runciman, Pybus, Rawlins) 1869 October 28 - Rajah Charles marries Margaret de Windt (Runciman, Payne, Pybus, Rawlins) 1870 - Astana completed (Runciman) August 26 - First issue of the Sarawak Gazette (Runciman, Rawlins) 1871 - Expedition against Kanowit and Katibas Dyaks (Runciman) 1873 - Rajahs three children die at sea (cenotaph, Pybus) 1874 September 30 - Charles Vyner Brooke, son of Rajah Charles and Ranee Margaret, born in England (Runciman, Pybus, Rawlins) 1876 - Bertram Brooke, son of Rajah Charles and Ranee Margaret, born in Sarawak (Pybus) 1878 - Harry Brooke, son of Rajah Charles and Ranee Margaret, born in Wiltshire (Pybus) 1879 - Lang Endang expedition (Runciman) 1880 - Fort Margherita built in Kuching (Rawlins) 1881 - Bukit Batu expeditions (Runciman) North Borneo Company established (Pybus) 1882 - Sarawak acquires Baram District (Payne, Pybus) 1884 - Sarawak acquires Trusan District (Payne) 1888 - Britain agrees to a protectorate for Sarawak (Pybus) Queen Victoria gives Charles Brooke a knighthood (Pybus, Rawlins) June - Rajah Charles buys Brooketon Colliery (Rawlins) Britain grants protection to Sarawak (Rawlins) 1890 March 17 - Sarawak acquires Limbang District (Runciman, Payne, Reece) 1891 August - Sarawak Museum opens (Rawlins) 1901 - King Edward recognizes Rajah Charles as ruler of an independent state (Pybus) Foochow Chinese settle in Sibu (Lockard) 1905 January 12 - Brunei cedes Lawas District to Sarawak; Sarawak reaches ultimate limits (Runciman, Pybus, Reece) 1907 - Charles Brooke publishes Queries: Past, Present and Future (Payne, Pybus) 1909 - Oil discovered in Miri (Payne) 1911 - Special Chinese Court established for civil cases (Reece) 1912 - The Tuan Muda, Bertram Brooke, given equal honors with the Rajah Muda, Vyner Brooke (Pybus) Sarawak State Advisory Council established in London (Pybus) Ranee Margaret publishes My Life in Sarawak (Pybus) 1914 - Orders Committee, precursor to legislative authority, instituted (Reece) Railway opens to 10th mile south of Kuching (Reece, Rawlins) 1916, September - Rajah Charles formally hands over administration of Dyaks to Vyner Brooke (Runciman) 1917 - Small refinery and pipeline built at Lutong (Reece, Rawlins) May 17 - Rajah Charles dies in Cirencester (Crisswell, Pybus, Payne) 1936 December 1 - Ranee Margaret dies at Lelant, Cornwall (Runciman, Pybus) Join the Rajah Brooke & 19thC Sarawak discussion group to participate in discussions of Sarawak history, ask and answer questions, and receive information regarding website updates: http://www.rajahbrooke.com/datesvyn.htm






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