Welcome to the World of Asia Borneo! Borneo artifact specializes in museum quality tribal natives arts, artifacts, antiques, collectibles, charms, traditional musical instruments, primitive hunting trophy / headhunters, ethnic weapons, world war II cannons during brooke era, crafts and souvenirs. 

Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo. Feel free and enjoy browsing our Gallery.

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Product > Medicine Containers

RARE PUMPKIN FRUIT Artefact Toraja Bottle Ancestral Figure Statue Image Sulawesi
Price: USD 220.00
Shipping Price: USD 25.00

OLD BETEL NUT CONTAINER Kapur Sirih Batak Indonesia Artifact Box Bottle Chamber
Price: USD 380.00
Shipping Price: USD 30.00

ANTIQUE TOBACCO Container Case HARDWOOD Cigarette Cigar Case Bottle Chamber Box
Price: USD 390.00
Shipping Price: USD 40.00

IRONWOOD CONTAINER Jewelry Box Chamber Tattoo Body Piercing Crocodile & Fern #7
Price: USD 260.00
Shipping Price: USD 73.00

CROCODILE CONTAINER Lupong Medicine Ornament Chamber Dayak Tattoo Box Jar Pot #5
Price: USD 260.00
Shipping Price: USD 70.00

ASO NAGA RITUAL ANCESTRAL CONTAINER Lupong Medicine Box Chamber Ornament #4
Price: USD 260.00
Shipping Price: USD 70.00

ORNAMENT CHAMBER DAYAK CONTAINER Lupong Medicine Box Ancestral Figure Borneo #3
Price: USD 360.00
Shipping Price: USD 75.60

#1 NATIVE BEADS BOX & Woven Leaf Jewel Jewelry Container Chamber Tribal Borneo
Price: USD 90.00
Shipping Price: USD 22.00

ANTIQUE IBAN Container & Miniature Shaman Figure Supernatural Ornament Object
Price: USD 380.00
Shipping Price: USD 46.80

TINY 90mm BAMBOO CONTAINER BATAK Medicine Jewelry Jewel Document Box Calendar
Price: USD 55.00
Shipping Price: USD 10.00

LARGE BATAK BAMBOO CONTAINER Chamber Box Ancestral Facial Image Figure Statue
Price: USD 295.00
Shipping Price: USD 59.00
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