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Product > Totem poles > TO094 TWO GIANT 9 FEET Sacred Pole Totem Dayak Ritual Native Pillar Carved Trunk Wood


TWO GIANT 9 FEET Sacred Pole Totem Dayak Ritual Native Pillar Carved Trunk Wood


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Posted: 6th Aug 13
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Product Description:

Borneoartifact item number: TO 094 Kramen Ritual pole.

Circa 1990.

These massive poles are decorated with tied motifs of the Buah Berasok / Interlocking Creeper, Rhinoceros Hornbill Bird, Aso / Naga and Tree of Life.

FULLY DECORATED ALL ROUND 360degrees on all surfaces, stunning!! Well taken care, kept indoors only all these while. Height: 269 cm / 105.9 inches each pole Diameter: 24 cm / 9.5 inches each Weight: 130 kg / 286 lb After packing: 160 kg / 352 lb Each pole were carved from a single tree trunk(hardwood, likely Kayu Malam) by Dayak Orang Ulu communities in Belaga and Baram.

I have kept it indoor at all times, mint condition, more beautiful in real life!! Before these people were converted to Christianity, they carved these poles and erected them in front of their longhouses. During such ceremonies especially the %u201Csave%u201D, men who participated in the rituals had to eat plain rice on banana leaves for 5 consecutive days, to abstain from any contact with women or indulge in any act that would provoke the deities protecting them.

By observing such taboo, it was believed that the men would strengthen their souls, and make the brave in battles, as well as, to ask the deities for good harvests and for protection of the longhouse community from evil spirits. Shipping method: Stated shipping price is by sea cargo, it is calculated in metre cubic, 2 totems after packing with wooden case is about 0.5metre cubic but minimum charge is at least 1metre cubic, you can make use of the remaining 0.5metre cubic to add in more items and free shipping. Optional upgrade: Shipping by courier, DHL for USA and Canada and TNT for Europe countries.

Please email me for this upgrade.

For other countries other than USA, Canada and Europe please email us as shipping cost may vary greatly depending on which country. Item shipped is insured.

We ship to Worldwide. Free and combine shipping: Combine shipping discount of 30% discount will be given on shipping of the next item only for combine shipment if you are using courier service, Free shipping of up to 0.5metre cubic if you are using the sea cargo, 0.5metre cubic is about 2 similar totems. Shipping duration: 2 to 3 months by sea cargo.

Courier service DHL or TNT option is available, please email me, it will take 8 to 10 working days.

Buyer will have to be responsible for fumigation at destination if needed but from experience, seldom there is fumigation needed.







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