COOKING POT Of Borneo 230mm Antique Brass Cooker Basin Couldron Metal Camping


Antique cooking pot of Borneo, this brass piece were used during(or earlier) the Japanese Occupation in WWII. Brass do not rust, aging / wear & tear however is clearly seen. Circa 1930.

Diameter: 23 cm / 9.1 inches
Height: 22 cm / 8.7 inches
Weight: 2.1 kg / 4.6 lb
After packing: 3 kg / 6.6 lb

A gorgeous old school piece to add to your collection! And even use it for camping, why not?

I will ship via Courier Service(5-7 working days) worldwide, insured.

Item is photoed from every possible angle for a buyers peace of mind.

Shipping Price: USD 59.00

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Published on:27/07/2018

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