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About asian antique gallery

Borneoartifact has built over twenty-five years of experience and source of the best discernable selections of Borneo ethnic arts and crafts. Any recommended object you can find in our gallery is collectible for its special features, exceptional quality, uniqueness, creativity, expressive style, limited production, rarity and objects of rare or extraordinary ritual or sacred purposes. About asian antique gallery , ARTS, ANTIQUES, CRAFTS, CULTURE

It takes very conscious pursuit with the best sources, to be able to get in touch with these collections. Our creative design, products and art are represented worldwide through exhibitions for 25 years. Collectibles, artifacts, and important collections plus top quality pieces are strongly represented in various countries throughout the world. Collectors, architects, diplomats, designers, galleries, art professors, businessmen, hoteliers, resort management, consultants, companies, young professionals and inspired home makers, as well as boutique fashion houses who have been enthusiasts in the quest, had collected borneoartifact`s signature collections. Collecting is a wave as it has always been, and continues to be so because of the value and beauty in such collectibles. All the arts and antiques of our gallery has been carefully picked and selected and divided in to 29 categories. Enjoy browsing our asian antiques products.

Do you know about head hunter? Dayak is one of the most well known natives here and they years back almost all of them lives in the jungle or up on a tree! They stay in longhouses and live in groups and fight against each other groups in the other longhouses to conquer land and also to show their bravery. They head hunt and keep their enemys` head to prove their bravery and to become the chief of each longhouse. The women choose their husband by the number of hunting trophy of the heads. They produces beautiful carvings and practices one of the most natural living in the jungle. About asian antique gallery

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