SLIPPER CORAL (3 pieces) Herpolitha Mushroom Fungiidae Tongue Mole Striate Boomerang Corals Asia #1


Three lovely Slipper Coral(one of them is a monster 420mm/16.5″ in length), they are heavy and beautiful for garden and aquarium decoration. Also great specimens for educational purposes. We will ship with great care for these fragile items.

Across: 13, 19, 42 cm / 5.1, 7.5, 16.5 inches
Weight: 5.3 kg / 11.6 lb
After packing: 9 kg / 19 lb

Herpolitha is a monotypic genus of mushroom corals in the family Fungiidae. The only member of the genus is Herpolitha limax, commonly known as the tongue, slipper, mole or striate boomerang coral. It is a free-living species and is native to reefs and lagoons in the Indo-Pacific region.

I will ship via Courier Service, 5-7 working days worldwide. Insured.

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Published on:20/12/2018

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